Our mission at Crowley, White, Helmer & Sevig, Inc. (CWHS), is to help Minnesota nonprofits secure the resources they need to better serve their clients. We accomplish this through hands-on development support and strategic advice for capital projects, program initiatives, and major general operating campaigns.

For over three decades, while philanthropic resources have evolved and shifted, our philosophy remains consistent — developing relationships with key funders (foundations, corporations, and individuals), is vital to successful fundraising. The CWHS Levers to Success for major fundraising campaigns outlines the elements necessary to succeed in today’s economic climate.

With over 125 successful campaigns ranging from under $1 million to $13 million, CWHS has developed comprehensive fundraising plans to not only reach the campaign goal, but also to create or strengthen long-term relationships between the client and donors, in order to ensure their long-term stability and sustainability.

What sets CWHS apart from most development firms is our hands-on approach. All of our consultants have been staff and board members of nonprofits and understand the time and resource limitations of small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. With that in mind, we design our contractual services to produce tangible materials and activities, rather than simply providing periodic advice. We describe ourselves as an off-site development department for clients’ special projects or campaigns, due to our intensive involvement.

Our services include:

Developing a thorough fundraising strategy designed around the specific nature and scope of the client’s fundraising needs.
Recruiting a strong group of community and business leaders as volunteers to serve on the Campaign Committee, and managing and supporting them throughout the campaign.
Identifying and researching potential major donors (foundations, corporations, and individuals).
Organizing and guiding the client through a series of exploratory meetings with selected potential contributors to determine the organization’s present capacity to launch a major fundraising campaign.
Preparing Executive Directors and volunteers to effectively present the organization and the campaign to prospective donors.
Long range financial and program planning in conjunction with the client’s board and staff.
Clear, comprehensive, and effective writing (proposals, letters of inquiry, executive summaries, etc.).
Participating in the design of a campaign publication and other materials that are part of an effective fundraising process.
Coordinating all aspects of the fundraising campaign.

Additionally, we also provide other services to our clients as needed or upon request, including board recruitment and board training (focused on development), and advice regarding ongoing program/operating support. We can also refer clients to other consultants or organizations to meet various needs (facility assessments, program assessments, organizational development, board development, program evaluations, graphic design, etc.).