“Working with culturally knowledgeable management and staff of Crowley, White and Helmer resulted in the patient, deliberate planning and initial execution of the Seventh Generation Endowment Campaign during the American Indian Family Empowerment Program’s transition to the Tiwahe Foundation. With counsel, based on years of experience, Crowley, White and Helmer consulted, trained and assisted staff and board members in the art of fundraising, which generated major start-up grants for the Tiwahe Foundation Endowment Campaign.”

Ellis F. Bullock and LaVon Lee
Grotto Foundation, Inc. and Tiwahe Foundation

“Terry, Nancy and Tony are the best at what they do. I hate asking people for money, but they walk you through the process, support and tutor you along the way, making the whole experience at least tolerable, if not downright enjoyable. And more important, we have never had a campaign with them that wasn’t successful.”

Dan Cain
President, RS Eden

“CWH is a team of top notch professionals that helps nonprofit organizations develop effective fund development strategies and get results that exceed expectations. Their clients continue to do well, even in tough economic times.”

Joe Errigo
former President and CEO, CommonBond Communities

“CWH’s work with us has been truly revolutionary. Without their input and advice, our organization would not have gotten off the ground. Their discipline and experience moved us forward by leaps and bounds. CWH brings to their work a passion for the complex social issues that face us in the 21st century. And in the end, they are simply great friends to be supporting our organization.”

Rick Heydinger
Board Member, Ujamaa Place

“Crowley, White & Helmer have been a compelling resource for us, helping establish a solid strategic direction, and by providing ongoing support through Nancy White serving on our Board of Directors. I cannot imagine where we’d be today without the expertise and guidance of their team.”

Joan Riebel
Executive Director, Family Alternatives

“CWH has successfully guided PCYC through two capital campaigns. Their knowledge of funding sources is unparalleled, and their customer service ethic makes it a joy to work with them.”

Anne Little Long
Executive Director, Plymouth Christian Youth Center
  & The Capri Theater

“Crowley, White, & Helmer have been a delight to work with. They are most responsive and proactive to any information we need about any prospective donor. I’d recommend them without reservations.”

Joe Selvaggio
CEO, MicroGrants

As the provider of an innovative, family-centric, coordinated care delivery model of integrated health and human services that touches the lives of over 30,000 people annually, it is crucial that CLUES continues to build its capacity to respond to the depth of need that runs throughout the community. During CLUES’ last capital campaign to establish and operate a permanent site in St. Paul, Crowley, White & Helmer, Inc. played a key role in helping us to achieve our goal. They got the job done with fantastic results and superb customer service. Thank you, Crowley, White & Helmer, Inc.!”

Jesse Bethke Gomez
President, Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES)

“The people who do things that count don’t usually stop to count them.” “I think this quote characterizes the work continually done by CWH. I have worked with CWH on probably five different campaigns in addition to using various staff (personnel) on a consulting basis in the past 20 years. I respect their creative approaches to solving problems, assistance in preparing for calls or visits, the manner of summarizing results, and follow-up. The success these campaigns have had is due to the consistent work of CWH. I have no hesitancy in recommending CWH to any prospective client.”

A. William Sands
retired Chairman of the Board, Western Bank
Campaign Chair, Midtown Global Market
Board Member, Ujamaa Place

“I have great appreciation and respect for the work of Crowley, White and Helmer. Over the past 15 years, I have participated in three fundraising campaigns for divergent organizations which they have led. I have always found them to be organized, focused, and respected by the funding community. I truly enjoyed our time together, which is unusual given the pressure and challenge of raising funds. Together, through their direction, we raised $8.2M to replace an existing facility for our organization. I highly recommend them to those organizations seeking funds.”

William Laden, LISW
Executive Director, East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc.

“Crowley, White and Helmer are first of all great people to work with and know how to partner with you to get the job done! They know and understand the non-profit business world and are truly committed to helping your organization be successful. They are competent professionals, keep you focused on the right stuff and follow-through on what they say they will do. Without their great help, we simply would not be in business today!“

Bill Svrluga
Board Member, Ujamaa Place

“We are delighted with our Center for Changing Lives – which is doing just that – in South Minneapolis after three years in operation! We couldn’t have done it without Crowley, White, and Helmer whose discipline, encouragement, and know-how was there with us every Wednesday for two years!”

Jodi Harpstead
President & CEO, Lutheran Social Service of MN

“I would not want to even think about where the Midtown Global Market would be today without the dedicated and talented people at CWH working tirelessly on behalf of the Midtown Global Market – they have helped us craft our message and promote our campaign to the right people at the right time and in the right way. We are very grateful for this tremendous assistance.”

Mihailo Temali
President & CEO, Neighborhood Development Center

“When it comes to knowledge of the philanthropic community, no one has more than Crowley, White & Helmer. They know how to get campaigns funded. And they know how to help nonprofits engage their leadership around a campaign. I had the pleasure of working with Terry Crowley when he served on our board of directors. In addition to an overriding commitment to accountability and doing things right, Terry brings knowledge, experience, creativity and a process that works. And humor. Working with Crowley, White & Helmer is just plain fun.”

Rich Cowles
retired Executive Director, Charities Review Council

“Shortly after starting our work with Tony, Terry, and Nancy, we realized we could not have made a better investment in the success of our capital project. Their solid reputation, professionalism, and ability to respond to our unique circumstances resulted in a successful campaign within the timeframe we wanted. Most importantly, it has resulted in expanded opportunities for the young people we serve.”

Randy Treichel
Enterprise Director, Youth Express